B.C.A. (EM)

MS University – UG Courses
B.C.A. (EM)
Subject Code Subject Subject Code Subject Subject Code Subject
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
DNA1A Introduction to Computers DNA2A Network and Computer Architecture DNA3A RDBMS and Oracle
DNA1B Office Automation DNA2B Accountancy DNA3B Computer Graphics & Multimedia
DNA1C Object Oriented Programming C ++ DNA2C Mathematics DNA3C Data Structure
DNA1D Internet Technology and Web Design DNA2D Java Programming DNA3D Operating System and System Programming
DNA1E Practical I Office Automation & Internet Technology DNA2E Visual Basic DNA3E Softwre Engineering
DNA1F Practical II – C++ Programming DNA2F Practical III Java Programming DNA3F Practical V Oracle
DNA2G Practical IV Visual Basic DNA3G Project