B.Sc. (Computer Science)

B.Sc. (Computer Science) (Code::120)

Objectives : The aim of this programme is to develop working knowledge about computers and impart skills to use the computers effectively in developing commercial and scientific applications.

Duration : Three years

The candidate shall complete the programme within a period of seven years from the year of admission.
Eligibility : Applicants for admission to the B.Sc. Computer Science Programme must have passed the higher secondary examination or an examination accepted by the Syndicate as equivalent thereto. Those who have passed the three year technical diploma examination are also eligible for admission to the

B.Sc. (Computer Science) Programme.


Language (Tamil/Hindi/French).
Basics of Information Technology
Scientific Computing
Data Structures and Algorithms
Unix and C
Programming Lab – I (MS-Office, Unix and C)
Programming Lab – II (Data Structures)


Computer Architecture and Microprocessors
Operating Systems
Object Oriented Programming Using C++
Relational Database Management Systems
Web Development Tools
Visual Programming
Programming Lab – III (Oracle 8i and Visual Basic)
Programming Lab – IV (C++)


Internet and Java Programming
Computer Graphics
Computer Networks
System Software
Software Engineering
Project and Viva Voce
Programming Lab – V (Internet and Java Programming)
Programming Lab – VI (Graphics)