First Year

1.1 Principles of Management
1.2 Accounting for Managers
1.3 Managerial Economics
1.4 Legal Environment of Business
1.5 Research Methodology and Statistics
1.6 International Business
1.7 Managerial Communication
1.8 Organisational Behaviour

Second Year

2.1 Human Resource Management
2.2 Marketing Management
2.3 Financial Management
2.4 Operations Management
2.5 Project Management and Entrepreneurship
2.6 Strategic Management
2.7 Project Work and Viva-voce or Electives


Project Work & Viva-voce

2.7.1. Human Resource Manangement
(a) Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations
(b) Training and Development
2.7.2 Marketing Management

(a) Sales and Distribution Management
(b) Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour
2.7.3 Financial Management

a) Investment, Security and Portfolio Management
b) Management of Financial Services

2.7.4 Production Management

a) Production , Planning, Control and Maintenance
b) Quality Management

2.7.5 System

a) Personal Productivity Tools
b) Information Technology